James Woods On Hillary’s Chances In The 2020 Race: “The Clintons Are Like Nuclear Cockroaches”

On Friday, conservative actor James Woods floated the idea that Hillary Clinton could very well become the Democratic Presidential Nominee in the race for 2020.

Woods, who made made a return back to Twitter after a 9-month boycott, targeted the Clintons and compared them to “nuclear cockroaches” while suggesting a “brokered” Democrat convention could end up sending Hillary Clinton on her way to a rematch against President Trump.

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“The #Clintons are like nuclear cockroaches. They can survive anything,” Woods tweeted.

“Remember you read it here: #HillaryClinton has a solid chance at being the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee in a brokered convention. She’s the Terminator of American politics,” he declared.

The statement from Woods comes amid rumored fears by the Democrat establishment of Bernie Sanders being the front-runner.

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