Minutes After Pelosi Tears Up Trump’s Speech – Newt Gingrich Demands Congress To Censure Her .

President Trump spent the SOTU address touting American excellence, celebrating everything that is great about America.

In response, Nancy Pelosi tore up his speech before the entire country. Such an action was hard to believe.

This went beyond a partisan disagreement. Many thought Pelosi openly showed disdain for what was celebrated in that speech: America’s people, success and prosperity.

She called his speech a lie, a speech where Trump called for better education, opportunity, and health care for all.

Pelosi is already feeling the heat. Americans called in to CSPAN to let everyone know they will never be voting for Democrats again.

But Newt Gingrich, a man who was Speaker long before Pelosi, had another idea.

Newt Gingrich is calling on Congress to censure Pelosi for what she did.

A censure is a formal rebuke from Congress. They can send a message to Pelosi—and the rest of the country—that they condemn such actions.

Just think about what she did. President Trump had the right—the duty—to give his thoughts on the state of our country.

Democrats, as partisans, have the right to comment immediately afterward. They can rebut anything he says in their own speech. That’s the time for Democrats to express any disagreements.

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